March 9, 2017

Events Archive

12/08/2016: Approbation of the CDE1 Phases by CNES Administration Council

11/17/2016: French inter-organizations Committee

09/26/2016: Joint Steering Committee CNES-CNSA, end of the Preliminary Design Review and authorization to pass in C Phase

08/02/2014: Signature of MoU between CNSA and CNES with new sharing of responsibilities.

05/2014: Technical meeting to prepare the new MoU.

06/2013: Technical meeting in Paris. Analysis of the new payload configuration.

02/2013: Talk resumed between CNES and CNSA.

02/2012: Project put on stand-by by CNES.

06/2011: Project meeting at Haute-Provence Observatory. Analysis of a descoped mission.

11/2010: Technical meeting in Beijing.

06/2010: Conference about SVOM during World Expo in Shanghai.

04/2010: Technical meeting in Dourdan, France.

02/01/2010: 6th China-France Space Subgroup Meeting in Paris.

01/2009: Joint Steering Committee meeting in Beijing which ruled on the completeness of phase A.

12/2008: French-Chinese end of Phase A Review in Beijing.

07/2007: Videoconference of the Joint Science Committee.

The main conclusion of the Committee was to abandon the WACs (Wide Angle Cameras).

06/2007: Meeting of the System Engineering group (composed of Chinese and French experts from SECM and CNES).

This meeting took place in Shanghai and the French delegation was able to visit SECM facilities where the payload will undergo integration and tests.

03/2007: Kick-off of SVOM phase A in Xi'an during the last week of March.

An overall work plan was established with responsibility sharing (common and specific parts for each partner). The Chinese opened the doors of their XIOPM, institute which will be responsible for developing the VT (Visible Telescope).

02/2007: MDR (Mission Definition Review, end of phase 0) at CNES.

11-12/2006: A delegation of 6 people from SECM came for about 2 months to Alcatel (now Thales).

This stay was part of the agreement between the Chinese and the company under their pre-B contract. A meeting with CNES' team took place in Cannes before Christmas 2006, where this activity was reviewed and visions of the SVOM mission was harmonized.

09/2006: Phase 0 after the review in September 2006 in Shanghai.

The core of this activity took place at CNES (PASO study)

10/25/2006: Signature of the MoU between CNSA (China National Space Administration) and CNES

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